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Ryan Handberg, General Manager

4100 Silver Star Rd, Suite D

Orlando, FL 32808                                                                                                                

Phone: 800-218-8489 Fax: 407-292-2123


Florida State Contract# 715-001-01-1

FL State Vendor # 593094275-001

Broward County Vendor # 105996

BCC # 715001053

Miami-dade county schools vendor# 6516575


Common Core Math Adventures


New Jersey: New Jersey State Contract # A86163  

New Jersey Supplies & Teaching Aids Contract (T-0114) #A80990

New Jersey State Vendor #59309427500

Timothy Sasman, Vice President, NJ Accounts

300 E. 93rd ST, Suite 29C

New York, NY 10128


New York City: Vendor#LEA063000; NYC Contract # 7000518

1. Timothy Sasman, Vice President

300 E. 93rd ST, Suite 29C

New York, NY 10128

Phone: 800-218-8489 Fax: 407-292-2123


New York City: All items approved for FAMIS E-Catalog

NYSTL/Textbook Contract # 7000518

New York State Approved Vendor:

Books & Non-Print Library Materials Contract    PC65719


Common Core Complete Standards Kits

Other States:

California: State Compliance Contract

Illinois: State Textbook Contract #048

Chicago:  Chicago Firm # 12679 Phone; 800-218-8489


Texas: Houston ISD Vendor# 63495

Philadelphia Textbook Contract # 0016703

Call 800-218-8489 for info about other cities and states 

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